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DS: Closet cleaning sale~ BABY, Swimmer +other Indies brands


Shipping is not included in these prices! Flat rate of $5 for USA, $10 for international, and everything here is OBO! I just want this stuff gone, lol!

SWIMMER earmuffs

Bought second-hand, worn only once or twice. These things are HUUG & 3-D! I have a picture worn if you want to see~
Asking $15

Mother Garden purse

I purchased this when MG had a store in the Palisades mall, which has since closed. This beauty is made of woven pink wicker with wooden handles. It's almost unused. I think I paid around $65 for it new, so I'm asking $45.

SS AP replica socks - pink
These were only worn once by a friend, but the boots she was wearing discolored the bottoms ;o; Because of that, I'm only asking $8.

Thrifted sheer embroidered apron
This apron is so beautiful, and I know I'm going to regret selling it, but I just never wear it... I only wore it once. There's a little wear on the embroidery and the waist ties are wrinkled a bit- it's made of an odd, synthetic crepe-y material, and I was worried it might get damaged if I ironed it. You don't see it when it's being worn. Asking $10.

BABY cutsew
It freaking kills me to be selling this, because I adore it, but it's just too sweet for me. A friend bought it for me at BABY Paris, and I've only worn it once, so its practically brand new. Since I just gave her money and she bought me a few things, I have no idea how much it cost, so I'm asking $40. It's pretty stretchy, but anything over a bust of ~38" might stretch out the print on it and damage it.

Thanks for looking! If you need any more pics just let me know! :)
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