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!DS: Offbrand PinkxPink Bolero

Price $15 + $5 (domestic priority mail)
US Buyers Only
First to leave PayPal has priority
No trades
No holds

Item Details:
Item did come with a slight imperfection (see pic bellow for details). I think it is important for you to know that I do live with someone who smokes. I also have two dogs as well. Neither one of these (the dogs or the smoking) are allowed in my room or near my items. After seeing the item was two small I promptly did measurements took pictures and packaged it back up.

Bust: 40cm (across)
Waist: 29cm (across)
Shoulders: 34.5cm
Sleeves: 38.5cm
*Has some stretch
*Color may vary depending on monitor settings
*Comes with extra button

Front View:

Close up no flash

Close up with flash


Personally, I do not think it is as noticeable as it is in the pic. The dot sits about 4.5 cm from the sleeves seam. With it being so close to the seam it is very possible that it may not be noticeable while wearing it.

Thanks for looking!
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