snowfinite (snowfinite) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!WTB: classic / sweet-style earrings

hello! i'm posting a WTB for a friend of mine. she's looking for two types of earrings:

- classic-style earrings, nothing too cutsey, preferrably dangly. ok with semiprecious stones / gems etc., as long as the price is reasonable. color scheme ~earthy / warm, subdued.

- sweet-style earrings, preferrably something that has to do with food, such as cupcakes, rolls, sushi, chocolate, whipped cream, sanrio character references, etc. for these earrings, she is very fond of blue / sax hues.

i'm looking forward to your handmade work ^^ if you can provide feedback specifically about the quality of your jewelry, that would also be very helpful.

please include first-class / airmail shipping in your offers. thank you in advance!

here are some things i can possibly trade for, as well:
btssb boots & rhinestone watch, AP & IW JSKs, offbrand hoodie ]
H&M cherry blouse, swimmer poodle watch, wonder cookie novelty scrunchie]

let me know!

my feedback [ +104 ]
Tags: !wtb, handmade
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