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Cyperous GO ★ [OPEN]


★ I am located in UK, but anyone is welcome to join this GO. :D
★ Feedback on all my previous dealings can be found here & on my eglfeedback page.
★ This GO will close on Monday 24 January 2011.
★ You can browse from the Japanese site or the English site. I personally would recommend the Japanese site, as it has way more styles.

To join the GO, please comment in this post with the following info -

LJ username:
Paypal email:
Item URL: (eg. http://cyperous.com/wig/wig.cgi?cmd=dp&num=6977&Tfile=Data&dp=twotone.html)
Item Code: (eg. F708-6_892)
Item Cost (in yen): (eg. 6900y)
Total number of items: (if you order more than 1 item)

★ I'll NOT charge a service fee for organising this group order.
★ Cyperous charges a flat rate 3000yen shipping for each order. This cost will be shared by the number of participants (eg. if 5 participants, then you'd pay 600y each).
★ I accept paypal only (CC or non-CC). I will use this to calclate the fee.
★ Payment will be made in 2 stages:

(1) Cost of your Cyperous items
- Once the GO is closed, I will send you an invocie for the cost of your items + your portion of the Cyperous shipping fee + paypal fee. This invoice will be in yen.
- Payment must be made asap so as to not delay the order.

(2) Cost of shipping from UK to you
- After receiving the items, I'll work out your individual shipping & packaging cost and send you a paypal invoice. This will be in British pounds.
- I'll ship your items from UK by Royal Mail First Class/international airmail, unless requested otherwise.

★ As always, please be aware that parcels from abroad could be hit by custom fees. If we unfortunately do, the fees will be shared among all participants, depending on the cost of their items (it is only fair for someone who ordered more to pay a larger percentage, right?)

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me here. :3

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