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DS: SOLD, Thank You!

-I ship from CA, USA
-JSK comes from non smoking home
-I have a cat, although he is kept away from my loli wardrobe. Still, please be cautious
-I ship USPS
-Shipping is INCLUDED FOR US Customers!
-International welcome! Please inquire for shipping cost
+8 Feedback in the database:

I am selling this Black Peace Now Jumper skirt:

                                Front of Bodice-Detail                                                                              Back of Bodice-Shirring

          There is a loose tie that I believe is meant to be tied                                                         Bottom Ruffle of Skirt
     through these loops at the top of the bodice, and the straps  


Bust: up to 38" comfortable!
(It may be able to go more)
This JSK is honestly the most comfortable dress I have ever worn. I have a 37" bust and there was absolutely no discomfort. The shirring panel offers a lot of stretch, and the fabric has some stretch to it as well. The waist line hit underneath my bust just fine.
Skirt Length: 40cm from bottom tip of waist band

Asking Price: $120

I purchased this JSK new from BPN exactly one year ago this month! The retail price was $155. I have the tag still, although it is no longer attached to the dress. But, I will send it with the dress.

Please comment if you have any questions ^^


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