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DS/DT lots of cheap bodyline/offbrand things

Bodyline Black Bolero

Details: Ribbon
Details: Lace
I've never worn this out, only tried it on.  It's a size M.  I like it a lot, but unfortunately it is a little too short for my arms.  For reference, the measurement from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff is 23 inches.
Price: 20 dollars before shipping

Bodyline black shoes

Scuff 1
Scuff 2
Size: 26.0 CM
I ordered these shoes a little larger than my normal size, assuming they ran small like most online (non-lolita) stores I've dealt with.  However, they actually ran big lol.  I'm a size 8.5 in US sizes, I assume these would fit a size 9.5 or 10 better.  I've only tried them on and walked a few steps, however there are a few tiny scuffs from shipping I believe. 
Price: 25 dollars before shipping

Bodyline off-white detatchable sleeves blouse WITH TAGS

Details 1
Details 2

This blouse is a size M.  I bought it in order to have a versitile white shirt to go with various Lolita outfits.  However, it's a little too ornate for my style(I prefer ruffles to lace).  The jabot is detatchable.  It also has waist ties.  As you can see in the picture, it still has the tags on.  
Price: 25 dollars before shipping

Offbrand black/white pearl button blouse

I bought this blouse a while ago, but have only worn it once or twice since it's so tiny around the chest area.  It's a size small, which I usually fit into, but for some reason it's very tight in that specific area.  The buttons literally unpop when I move my arms too dramatically.  However, this is possibly just because the round pearl buttons are not as functional as normal flat buttons. For reference, I'm a 32"/34" bust. 
Price: just make an offer, I'd really like to give this to a good home :)

Offbrand black dress

This was custom made to my sizes, and it doesn't have any shirring.  However, it does have waist ties.  I wasn't sure about how to photograph it, but it also hs halter straps.  It was my first Lolita dress, but I've only worn it 3 or 4 times.  The scallops on it are a bit strange, but I assume a good seamstress could replace that panel with a longer one and make the dress look really nice. 
Price: make an offer :)

Things I'm interested in trading for:

simple blouses with mostly ruffles instead of lace.  Bodyline/Anna House/Taobao are good, but I'm not so sure a vintage/mall find would be what I'm looking for. 
they're really what I need most right now.
any pair of Lolita shoes in any color besides red; Bodyline or Secret Shop or scuffed up brand, etc. 
the ones I currently have my heart set on look like this :

I'm an 8.5 women's, but sometimes I've been able to fit into 8s or 9s.
Tags: !ds, !dt, bodyline, offbrand
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