converting all to shinee-ism. (jjongkeyasaurus) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
converting all to shinee-ism.

DS:AP Milky-chan set and Starry Night theater

- I only accept paypal
- I can hold items but on;y for a week
- prices are negotiable but please be reasonable
- I do own a dog but I keep her away from my clothes
- I DO accept payment plans. :)
- I'm not interested in any trades at the moment
- USA customer preferred but international are welcomed too
- I will not add insurance unless you pay for it
- feedback

proof of ownership

proof of ownership/

I'm asking for $370 for the set. This is one of my favorite sets and I'm sad to let it go but I seriously only wore it 3-4 time in the year I've had so it's kind of a waste to keep it.
It's in really good condition since I rarely wore it.

proof of ownership
I wore these once when I first got my Starry Night Theater set but I tried them one but I later sold the set
and had nothing to wear them with.
I'm asking for $27
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty
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