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WTB PinkxBlack Sweet Accessories, Dark Brown Wig & DS Cake Bag and Legwarmers - reminder!

Hello all! ^^

First, my DS Reminder:

I am selling a WhitexPink Cake Bag and some gorgeous BlackxPurple Legwarmers in this post and I'm considering offers!! :) I'm Shipping from Germany and my Feedback Link is in that post as well.

* * * * * * * * *

Now my WTB:

I'm looking for some Sweet Accessories, mainly Hairclips/Brooches at friendly prices. I'm interested in anything from AP to Chocomint to selfmade items, coloured Pink or BlackxPink.

The motifs I'm mainly looking for are Medium to Large Bows and Cakes. <3

Random Illustration from Chocomint:

I found an adorable Chocomint hat during my search earlier, but I think it's been sold since, so this is just to let you know I'd be interested in little hats like that as well. ^^

* * * *

I'm also somewhat desperately looking for a nice Dark Brown/Chocolate Brown/Chestnut Hime (or poofable) Wig, but ideally not Cyperous or generally real hair as that tends to push the price up a lot. My price range for this is sort of $40 shipped o.o

* * * *

Thanks for reading! ^^
Tags: !ds, !wtb, any brand, chocomint
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