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DS: BtSSB, Bodyline, Anna House, & offbrand!

Here are some things to note before my sales:

- All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or PP fees.
- No holds without a nonrefundable 50% deposit.
- I accept Paypal only.
- Domestic shipping will include tracking. International shipping will not, unless you are willing to pay the exorbitant fees.
- If you have any questions or would like to see more photos of the items, feel free to ask!

NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING QUOTES: I don't own a scale, so I cannot provide an exact shipping estimate, unfortunately. I will provide an inexact estimate before shipping; if the cost is lower than my quote, I will refund you the difference. If it is significantly higher, I will ask you to pay the difference.

My feedback is HERE. More feedback on my etsy page, as well.

BtSSB long pink hoodie SOLD

Back | Ruffle detail | Tag | Broken thread

Condition is gently used with few flaws. There is no visible piling on the hoodie. The only visible flaw is a loose thread on the right pocket-bow - the thread broke on one side, as you can see. You may need to sew the side of the bow back onto the pocket to prevent it from flopping down. I would do it myself, but I lost my needles!

The hoodie fits me comfortably at a 34" bust and 27" waist. The material is very stretchy, so it will probably accommodate larger sizes very well. The 2-way zipper makes this a very versatile piece. It's fairly light, so it would be great in mild Spring/Fall weather.

Bodyline Love Nadia high-waist skirt in pink:


Condition is new with tag. Only taken out to try on. I like this piece a lot, but it's not my style. Would go well with the hoodie!

PRICE: $23

Anna House short-sleeve white blouse, size S SOLD

Back | Lace detail | Tag

Condition is gently used with no flaws. Seriously - no stains or tears or anything!

Measurements are a little off - Anna House's size S is meant to fit a 32-34" bust, but at 34", I can't button this over my chest. Then again, I am a D-cup. I would recommend this for a girl with a smaller chest and cup size. Waist can be adjusted via back lacing.

Bodyline red RHS with leather straps in 23.5 cm SOLD

Heels | Soles | Marks underneath heels

Condition is gently used with no scuffs, but a few minor manufacturer's defects. The heels were not well-cut, leaving the edges somewhat uneven, and there are faint blue marks from writing on the bottom of each heel. The interior of the right shoe has a small red mark from the straps, as shown in the first picture. I wore them out once, but they did not get scuffed. None of these flaws are immediately obvious.

Other than the small defects they came with, these shoes are really comfortable! The soles are wood-patterned cork, so they are very light and won't weigh you down. You can wear them outside when it's wet without worrying about ruining them. I measure a US women's size 5/EU 35-ish and these felt big on me - I would recommend these to a girl who usually wears a US 7/EU 37. (I shouldn't have ignored the size chart on the website!)

Offbrand Jesus Diamante-style rose heels in pink, US size 5.5

Soles | Side view | Lace detailing

Condition is unknown - I bought these from Y!J through a shopping service. They look good as new, and I have never worn them outside, but I don't know if the previous owner has worn them previously. Regardless, the shoes are in excellent, like-new condition.

The pumps fit me perfectly at US 5/EU 37 and I would recommend them for another girl in the same size range. The 4" heels are not for the weak-willed! The shade of the pink matches BtSSB's pink very well.

PRICE: $45
Tags: !ds, anna house, bodyline, offbrand
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