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DS: Small closet cleaning sale. Brand and non-brand *pic heavy*

I am selling a few things I have either out grown or haven't worn in ages. All items are from a non-smoking household. I do have a cat, so there is some hair for those with allergies. I will wash clothing before it is shipped to insure the reduction of any reactions. (plus its just a nice thing to do ^______^)

Location: Memphis, TN (38104), USA


+Paypal Payment is preferred.
+Items will be shipped once payment has cleared.
+I am willing to hold an item for no longer than 2 days after I have been messaged about the item.
+I won't be insulted with haggling as long as it is a reasonable offer.
+Prefer to ship within the United States.
+Feedback can be left here:

okay ladies, ON TO THE GOODS!!!

1. Double Decker RHS - USED/WELL WORN

-Oxford Style w/ removable fringe
-Approx. 26cm

These are sadly too big for me... I bought them from another local Lolita. There were well worn when I got them. One half of a fringe got torn off, but it is on the reverse side. There are scuffs and dents in the wood soles, also on the leather. The soles are pulling away a bit at the heel and the insoles are curling up. There are gaps between the wood sole and the body of the shoe. a small bit of the leather is torn on the back of the right shoe. Pics for details.

Right Shoe


Left Shoe

Price: $70 usd/shipping included

2. Demonia Maryjane Platforms - Like NWB

-Maryjane Platform (almost 4 inches at the tallest point)
Approx. 23 cm

SUPER CUTE AND COMFY! I originally bought these one half size too small. Only worn once, but not comfortably ;_; Very light, small scuff on the right platform. Barely noticeable unless you are looking very closely. Ordered another pair which are the proper size at discount from the girl I originally purchased from, and they are a great pair of shoes.

Price: $55 usd/shipping included

3. Atelier Pierrot Bubble Hem Puff Skirt - USED

-Fully lined
-Nice lace detail
-Full elastic waist
-Approx. 38cm unstretched and 82cm fully stretched.

Bought this off EGL Comm Sales years ago. It is a nice little skirt, but bubble hem is not my style. Very cute. There is not a lot of room for a very poofy petti, but I made due with a small, thin one just to help with shape definition. The lining is smooth and the lace in good shape. The color is darker than the photo suggests.


Price: $45 usd/shipping included

4. Offbrand Light Jacket - BARELY USED

-Real pockets
-Red piping with diagonal pinstripe
-Cotton velvet-like material
-Nice, warm lightweight jacket. Good for mild weather.

Bought this some time ago. Cute, but didn't match many of my outfits. It Is in great condition. Soft material. Worn 5 times at most.

Price: $25 usd/ shipping included

Thank you for looking lovlies!!! <3 <3 <3
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