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DS/T: Angelic Pretty JSK , BtSSB Cutsew, AP replica socks and SWIMMER earmuffs. Price reduced!

Hey! I'm trying to sell my hardly worn AP JSK, plus my BtSSB cutsew.. plus other goodies!


- I ship from WA, Australia. I prefer to ship to Australia, but if you're willing to pay the full shipping I'll happily oblige.
- Pick up is available if any WA Lolitas would like to buy anything.
- Shipping within Australia will be discounted by 50%, so you only pay half what it'd usually pay (express 1-3 days shipping).
- I come from a house with animals, but they haven't been around my clothing.
- No offensive offers. You will be ignored.
- My feedback is here.
- If you commit to buy something and don't follow through with it (aswell as don't bother telling me) I will leave you negative feedback. So please, if something comes up and you can't hold up the commitment, please just send me a message saying so.

1.) Angelic Pretty JSK + BtSSB cutsew set (with free replica socks) - $200USD.
That makes the JSK $160 (normally priced at $200) and the cutsew $40 (normally priced at $50).


Alternate photos:

Cutsew upfront.

The JSK is shirred at the back and has removeable waist ties on love-heart buttons.
It can fit a range of sizes, can stretch to about 45" waist and bust, give or take.

I would be interested in selling these seperately, but I'd prefer to see if anybody would like to buy the set first. If you'd like to make an offer for the seperate items, please send me a PM and I'll consider the offer if nobody buys the set.

2.) SWIMMER earmuffs - for trade preferably. Send PM to make an offer, if you really want these.


I actually haven't worn these out. They've been sitting around for about a year because they haven't matched my clothing/hair style. I'm wanting to trade these for another pair of earmuffs. I'm really keen on leopard print ones, or ones with bows on them. But show me what you've got. If you haven't got a pair of earmuffs up for trade, please refer to my trade list below.

Things I'll trade for (don't care on brand):

- I LOVE Swimmer items! Please show me any accessories you may have. I'll see if anything takes my fancy. I'd absolutely love the new faux fur scarves, however. I'd trade for that in a heartbeat.
- Socks (OTK/knee-high or short socks w/ lace)/tights in black, white or black and white or leopard print.
- I like shoes in black, white or red. (LL size).
- Anything sailor. Hair accessories, hats, parkas, cardigans- anything. Must fit a size 14AU, however.
- Hair bows (small ones). Nothing that stands out or looks excessively Lolita.
- Black/white/leopard print faux fur shawls.
- Black/white/leopard print gloves.
- I would be interested in wigs.
- Anything else you might think I might like. Just send me a link and I'll see if anything interests me. (:

Thanks so much for looking, and if you have any questions/want to see more photos; don't hesitate to send me a PM or comment!

P.S to Mods: If I've left anything out of this post, my apologies. I haven't posted here in well over half a year!

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