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DS: Emily Temple cute massive sale, and 1 MILK cardigan

Hi girls!

I'm selling my wardrobe, just because i want to try a new fashion style :D

♥ Everything has been handwashed with lots of care and love.

♥ I have a cat, watch out for allergies!

♥ I only accept paypal.

♥ I only ship once a week, please be patient with shipping!

♥ I'm from Mexico but I always ship from USA (that's why I can only go one time at week)

♥ I give the item to the person who can pay the faster.

♥ My feedback:

♥ I ACCEPT OFFERS! everything must go.

♥ International shipping is extra, please ask!

1. Emily Temple cute victorian print skirt in cream

Extremely lovely skirt. I bought it from Y!J and I loved it, but I recently lost weight and it doesn't fit me very well now. It has 2 little holes, it came that way when I bought it, but I fixed them and you can't really see it unless you look for it. The holes are 15mm each. Very light and fresh fabric perfect for spring with a cardigan or summer with a pair of sandals. It comes with lining.

Lenght: 51cm (including tulle)
Waist: 66cm min, 73cm max

Price: SOLD

2. Emily Temple cute perfume print skirt in black

I love this skirt but it doesn't fit my style anymore :(. Excellent condition, no flaws, no discoloration, nothing! Comes with a detachable pink satin ribbon. It has lining.

Lenght: 51cm (including tulle)
Waist: 64min, 95 max (it has a lot of stretch because the waist is full shirred :D)

Price: SOLD

3. Emily Temple cute Melody note texture

Cute everyday skirt with melody note texture. It has some pilling, good condition aside from that. The ribbon is made from velvet. Comes with lining.

Lenght: 43cm
Waist: 75cm, no shirring, this skirt is meant to be worn on your low waist.

Price: SOLD

4. Emily Temple cute polka-dot skirt white x red

Super cute skirt for everyday. It has a few flaws: it has a pen stroke in the lower part, and 3 very small spots on the upper part, but I can guarantee you that it's not noticiable when worn. It has lining too :)

Lenght: 49cm
Waist: 64cm min, 95cm max full shirring

Price: SOLD

5. Emily Temple cute ribbon texture

This skirt is perfect for formal occasions (like work, a dinner...) it has pockets and a lovely ribbon texture that is very subtle. Very good condition. Comes with lining.

Lenght: 65cm
Waist: 64cm min, 68max (you can wear this skirt on your smalles part of the waist because it's quite long).

Price: SOLD

6. Emily Temple cute Marche print skirt

This skirt was a gift from my boyfriend :( i'm so sad that I have to sell it. The print has fruits, flowers and baskets. Very good condition and has lining too.

Lenght: 48cm
Waist: 66cm min, 75cm max

Price: SOLD

7. Emily Temple cute Ballet JSK


I am sooo sad because this dress it doesn't fit me anymore, and it was my dreamdress :(.
Comes with shirring at the back, adjustable straps and a gorgeous silver embroidery.
It has a little bit of discoloration all over, the black doesn't seem as black as in the beginning and in the chest some pom-pom lace is coming off. Aside from that, very good condition and still lovely.

Bust: 80cm min, 90cm max
Low Waist: 74cm
Lenght: 90cm aprox (the straps are adjustable with buttons)

Price: $140USD + $8 shipping to USA

8. Emily Temple cute Sailor OP


Gorgeous sailor style one piece. The color is beige/cream, comes with lining and it's so beautiful for any occasion <3. The condition is very good, doesn't have any flaws.

Bust: 88cm max, no stretch
Waist: 70cm max
Lenght: 90cm aprox

Price: $130USD + $10 shipping to USA

9. Emily Temple cute She walks in Paris OP


Beautiful light one piece with velvet print featuring girls walking their poodles in Paris. It has one little spot but it's not really noticiable. Comes with lining and a removable polka-dot belt. Worked really hard to get it but I don't wear it anymore :(.

Bust: 86cm max (the fabric has no stretch at all)
High-Waist: 80cm max
Lenght: 86cm

Price: $180USD + $6 shipping to USA

10. MILK pink cardigan

Cute and versatile cardigan with heart shape buttons. It has some pilling but still lovely. Great for any casual outift!

Bust: 85cm min, has a lot of stretch
Lenght: 53cm
Arm lenght: 59cm

Price: $25USD + $4 shipping to USA

11. Emily Temple cute pink cardigan

Lovely light cardigan with a parfait embroidery. It has some pilling but still lovely.

Bust: 88cm min, has a lot of stretch
Lenght: 51cm
Arm lenght: 43cm (3/4)

Price: SOLD

12. Emily Temple cute tulle bolero

Beautiful bolero made of light fabric and tulle in the chest. It will make any simple dress more interesting. I never used it, excellent condition.

Back: 34.5cm
Lenght: 33cm including tulle
Arm opening: 30cm min, 40cm max

Price: SOLD

If you need more photos, or have any questions, please ask me :)

Thank you!
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