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DS: Meta LP items,Tokidoki, Moitie, AP, BtSSB, Meta, IW, ETC + more...many prices REDUCED!!!

Paypal only please.   No trades for the time being (I'm still desperately trying to clear out my wardrobe).

Shipping: $20US for a dress, $16US for non-dress item, to Canada and USA via Expedited Parcel (insured and tracked).  Combined shipping available, please list items you'd like to buy for an exact combined shipping rate (super light items like bloomers and jewelry can be shipped for free if purchased with a JSK or OP).
Other countries, please comment with your country for a quote (shipping is usually quite expensive for overseas and rather slow as well unless you shell out the big bucks for EMS).

Feedback (and lots of it): back/182948.html

First to invoice gets first dibs.  Holds only available with a non-refundable deposit of minimum $50US (sent as gift).  Preference will be given to buyers from USA/Canada.

Feel free to leave me a reasonable offer if  you don't like my prices, but please don't be offended if I don't take  your offer. ^^

Metamorphose Bloomers x2 pairs  $30US each  (white brown w/ off-white lace)  Both SOLD
Condition: Brand New.  Got these in my LPs, but since I usually just wear full tights with my loli now, I have no need for these.

White Bloomers
Waist:  24-46in (very stretchy)
Length:  12in

Brown Bloomers w/ off-white lace
Waist:  20-46in (very stretchy)
Length:  15in

Metamorphose Necklaces x2  $15US each (pink/pearl and dark red available)  SOLD
Condition:  Brand New with tag.  I'm allergic to pretty much all non-precious metals under the sun, so I have no use for these.

Metamorphose pink Emblem Bling Tote  $35US  SOLD
Condition: Brand New in packaging.  I got the black bag with my other LP, so I don't care for the pink one.  (Please don't ask if I'm selling the black one, the answer will be "not if my life depended on it".)
Width: 18in
Height: 13in
Depth: 5in

Metamorphose 2009 LP Cross Lace JSK NWT  $95US  SOLD
Condition: New without tags (they fell off at some point and I can't find them anymore.  Built in light petticoat.  Bow is a removable pin.  Removable waist ties and back shirring allows for a range of sizes to fit comfortably.  Great for a beginner loli looking for a gothic piece that's easy to coordinate.
Bust: 34in-40in (back shirring)
Waist: 28in-32in
Length: 37in

Tokidoki x Hello Kitty pink Purse  $160US  SOLD pic
Condition: Brand New in packaging. 
Taken out of the bag only for photos.  This is the super limited edition Tokidoki x Hello Kitty collab that was made for sale in Japan only.  I was super excited to get my hands on it, but I own it in 2 sizes (I own the larger boston purse too) and I really need to cut back on my Tokidoki, so since I don't really need two in the EXACT same print, this is up for sale.  Super rare now (even for Tokidoki).  Guaranteed authentic (I've been collecting Tokidoki bags since 2007). ^^
Width: 10in
Height: 8in
Depth: 5in

Tokidoki for LeSportSac Inferno Dolce Purse  $85US  SOLD
Condition: Used excellent condition.  I can't find any faults.  I bought this 2nd hand and it was used 4-5 times by the previous owner.  I never got around to using it, but now I got my hands on a different style bag in this print that I absolutely love, so I'd like to sell this to remove redundancies from my Tokidoki collection.  I'm including a white Qee bear (it didn't come with one, but I have a couple of extras) although the Qee is used and has wear from use including some paint rubbed off from it's nose.  Guaranteed authentic!
Width: 9.5in
Height: 5in
Depth: 2in

Tokidoki for LeSportSac Famiglia Mamma Mia Purse  $95US
Stock pic

proof of authenticity pic
Condition: Used good condition.  This has only been used 3-4 times, but as with all other Tokidoki Famiglia print bags, the edges of the circles have blurred slightly over time.  A more toned down Tokidoki design, perfect for those who want some cute to carry around without being too in-your-face to the world.  The print is a collection of various characters from all of the different Tokidoki prints.

Width: 9in
Height: 6.5in
Depth: 5in

More Tokidoki:
I have many more Tokidoki's for sale.  It's quickly becoming my largest collection next to my loli stuff.  Please ask if you're interested in any of the following.  (I won't do a full entry for these cause it's questionable how "loli-appropriate" they are.)
TKDK for LSS Citta Scuola (backpack)  $165US EUC (Excellent Used Condition)

TKDK for LSS Black Cammo Ciao (bag on the right)  $100US EUC

TKDK for LSS Black Cammo Dolce (same style bag as the Inferno one above)  $70US EUC
TKDK for LSS Mimetica Elegante (mini-duffle)  $105US BNWT
I have more for sale, but I don't have pictures ready and uploaded yet.  If you're interested in the full list (and photos of course), please let me know. XD

Moitie Black Velveteen Stand Up Collar Coat  $240US
Close up of collar
Close up of buttons

Condition:  Excellent condition.  Worn 4-6 times by the previous owner (I bought this off Y!J some time ago) and never worn by me.  Thick velvet fabric with super soft blue satin lining.  Metal buttons with the Moitie logo.  Would be a great coat for guys and gals alike.
Shoulder Width: 16in
Bust:  38in
Waist:  33in
Length:  42in

BtSSB Crown Goblin Coat  $160US  SOLD
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Worn a few times by the previous owner and once by me.  Roses and crown motif with tons of beautiful venice lace.
Shoulder Width: 15.5in
Bust:  38in
Waist:  32in
Length:  39in

Angelic Pretty Bunny-chan Tea Party red OP (OP/Apron/Brooch set)  $140US  SOLD
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Removable waist ties.  Built in petticoat.  Very versatile and can be mix and matched with other outfits.  I wanted this so bad, but it's too small on me (I'm the same size as the dressform and you can see the nice 2in gape before the bust will zip up).
Bust:  34in
Waist:  27in (adjustable with removable waist ties on OP and apron ties in the back)
Length:  35in

Cornet Sailor OP w/ Detachable Sleeves  $90US
Condition: Good condition.  Worn several times and cleaned by the previous owner.  Only damage is one fabric covered button is slightly dented.  You can't tell at all unless you feel it.  The OP comes with an extra button sewn to the tag, so  you can replace it if you want.  Removable sleeves.  Nice thick fine weave cotton.  Fully lined with built-in petticoat.  Could also be worn as a jacket if you don't have bulky long sleeves underneath.
Bust: 36in / 92cm
Waist: 29in / 74cm
Length: 34in / 86cm

Angelic Pretty Sweet Jam black JSK and matching headbow  $245US  SOLD
Condition:  New with tags.  Includes both the JSK and the hair bow.  Both brand new and in perfect condition.  Removable waist ties.  Built in petticoat.
Bust:  35in
Waist:  27in (adjustable with removable waist ties)
Length:  33in

Emily Temple Cute Lolita print JSK  $130US
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Lovely lavender/dusty rose colours with maroon ribbon trim.  A great mix of classic and cute loli elements.
Bust:  33in
Waist:  26in
Length:  35.5in

Atelier Pierrot Pink x White Stripe Gather Bust JSK $150US
Condition: New with tag. Bodice is lined. Perfect brand new condition. Bought off Yahoo Japan and tried on once (to find it's too small for me in the bust). No shirring, but has waist ties.
Bust: Max 34in
Max 27in
: 34-35.5inches (should straps have stretch)
Shipping: $15 to Canada/USA, $25 to other countries.

BtSSB Plaid Gather Bust Empire Waist JSK $90US
Condition: Excellent used condition. Empire waist with a gathered bust and waist ties.
Bust: 35in

High Waist: 29in
Length: 36.5in

Pina Sweet Collection Strawberry JSK NWT $115US  SOLD
Condition: New with Tags. 5 tiers of thick soft twill with an adorable strawberry print.
Bust: 30
in - 34in (back shirred)
High Waist: 26in - 29in
Length: 33in

BtSSB Alice in Ribbon Kingdom Skirt,  AP Diamond Bunny Corduroy JSK, Meta SWAN LAKE Chest Frill JSK

A PILE of 30+ brand accessories, nothing over $45!

First to invoice gets first dibs.

Tags: !ds, atelier pierrot, baby the stars shine bright, coronet, emily temple cute, metamorphose, offbrand
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