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DS: meta noel JSK, IW chelsea headdress, 20% reduction!


- I always ship the cheapest possible way, if you want insurance or faster shipping, please let me know.
- For proof of shipping, I'll take a picture of the package with the buyer's address on it, and a picture of the receipt. After that, I am no longer responsible for your package and won't give a refund if it gets lost in the mail. If you want to be on the safe side, please pay for insured shipping.
- Prices don't include shipping, but are negotiable

- I don't smoke, but I have a cat. I try to remove all hair from the clothes before I ship them, but if you're allergic, please be aware.
- If you state interest in an item, please let me know if you don't take it. After 24 hours with no reply, the item goes to the next in line.

- my feedback page: (100% positive)

Metamorphose Noel pink corduroy JSK - 50€ / 65$ 40€/52$ including shipping EVERYWHERE

Bought here at the sales comm in a very pitiable condition - it was stained all over, the waist ties got ripped off and missing together with their buttons and the second button on each shoulder strap for adjusting the length is missing too. It was shortened with a black(!?) thread, but this is only visible on the inside of the hem and doesn't do its cuteness any harm (could be easily replaced with a pink or white thread though).

I did my best to repair it, I re-sewed the buttons at the shoulder straps (there is still only one button per side, but they are at a better length now), removed all stains (it is completely clean again!) and cut off the loose threads where the missing waist tie buttons were. It is a very adorable dress and deserves a good home, but unfortunately I'm leaving sweet now and it's just sitting in my closet.

The fluffy white hem is detachable, and so are the small bows at the shoulder straps and the big bow at the waist. Besides of the the mentioned buttons and waist ties missing, there is no further damage. I hope it finds a loving owner after all it had to go through :)

bust: 80-100 cm  / 31-39" (shirring in the back)
waist: 80 cm / 31.5" max.

Innocent World Chelsea round headpiece - 20€ / 26$ 16€/21$

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