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DS: Two long curly wigs


* Sale goes to first to post Paypal address
* Please ask for insurance if you would like it included in shipping. I am not responsible for lost packages.
* Buyer is responsible for PP fee
* If you're interested please leave your zip code and I will calculate shipping for you

Blended Choco-Latte Long Curly Wig (includes two hair falls)
SOLD OUT on the website

I purchased this wig through Gothic Lolita Wigs (Cosplay Wigs USA) and I have never worn it. It is still brand new and all the pieces are still in the wig bags. The wig is currently sold out on the main website.

Proof Picture 1 (still in mesh bags)
More Info from the Cosplay Wigs USA website

Asking Price: $60

Long Blonde Curly Wig:

I purchased this wig from another buyer who has never worn it because it was the wrong color for her. Well I also decided that blonde does not work for me so I'm letting it go. I have never worn it. It is a "Try Now" long curly wig from one of kirakirajenjen's group orders.
Please note: The wig has been washed once to restore its curls. 

Asking Price: $27
Tags: !ds, offbrand
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