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!DS and !AFC & Winners of Giveaway


 Hello my sweet Lolita girls! 

First, I would like to announce the winners of my giveaway.

Unfortunately, not many have taken part, but that the odds were higher.


The winners are:
1. Place: 1 voucher for a 5cm long hair clip according to your wishes - RAI

2. Place: 1 voucher for a 4cm Barrette with sweets. The color itself but you can choose - KI-CHAN

3. Place: 1 voucher for Vanilla's dream factory, not including shipping - Riechanster


Now to the other news:

Since the german postoffice has now slashed the price of foreign post, I can reduce the shipping costs in Europe and the world also - finally! The highest will be now 4€!

New series of hairpins, a new series of rings and 2 sets in the sales area in this update it.


Hugs & Kisses


As always - Have a look: 

My onlineshop
~ Vanillas Traumfabrik ~

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