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DT - Btssb Pink Jsk

Basic Information

♥ I`m from argentina.
♥ Shipping are certified with tracking number. $30USD (Worldwide)
♥ I only use Paypal as payment method.
♥ The price is in U.S. dollars
♥ I am not responsible for any lost-damaged in sending for the items.
♥ No returns, funds or exchanges
♥ The items are clean

my Eglfb:

my measures:
bust 36inch (92cm)
waist 30inch (76cm)

I realized that I have many jsk sweet and i don`t use.


♥  I only want to trade for a IW-BTSSB-AP-Meta jsk black x white or black x black. (same model or another - like old school)
♥  I don`t want  babydoll or a jsk having all shirring. I have a lot.
♥  I`m size M, don`t offer me a L size because is to big for me.

Baby the stars shine bright
This is a great jsk, very confortable! Has shirring in the back, is freesize. Can be more small or larges.
I've used it about 3 times, but is in great condition. I paid for the jsk €160
second edition, Not 2010 version. more info in: Hello Lace

I would like to trade by any jsk of them or similar. well, show me what you got.

Sorry my camera sucks T_T

if you have any questions, just ask me ^^
thank you very much!
Tags: !ds, !dt, baby the stars shine bright, handmade
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