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WTB: Socks, Cardigans, White Blouse, Bags, Headbows

hey lolis! I want to finish some outfits and need your help ^_^. I'd prefer btssb and AP.

I'm searching for a headbow, socks and a cardigan fitting to the btssb magic ice cream jsk in white x rosy:
look here
Of course it would be great to find the original btssb headbow that was part of the ice cream collection, and a bag in ice cream shape.


I'm looking for cardigans in:
- rosy or
- white
- red.
It would be nice if they have some beautiful details, also print, bows and broches would be ok.

- rosy socks with white polkadots or only rosy
- black socks with rosy / pink print (the print shouldn't be too eyecatching)

- A white headbow (but just on a alice band)
- a headpiece in pirate looks in black! e.g. a loli pirate hat in black or black x rosy.
- a rosy headbow with white polkadots (for the magic ice cream ...)

- white colour
- black colour
- rosy with white polkadotos
- e.g. AP Schoolbag, IW Violine bag ;), Gloomy Bear (love it) would be damn great, but I would also buy other bags if they look nice :).

-A white blouse, short sleeves, small size.

Hope I can find what I'm searching for >_<

Have a beautiful day! :)


my eglfeedback:

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright
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