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DS: Bodyline poodle skirt, tights and petticoats

I cleaned my room today and found I had alot of stuff that do not fit me anymore or never fit me at all.

First, here is my feedback:

They are all new or tried on once only. They don't fit me because they are a size smaller than what I should be wearing. They are medium size that can fit up to 5"7' and 135 lbs.

1. Black light heart pattern (can't be seen on the photo, I can provide a picture if wanted), tried on once - 5$
2. Cream/tan light with pattern, new in package - 7$
3. Sparkly black light tights, tried on once - 5$
4. Brown opaque and light tights, new in package - 7$
5. Brown light tights, tried on once - 5$
6. Vanilla light tights - 5$

Note: Those prices exclude shipping, ask me for a quote with your postal code. Thank you!


Offbrand short puffy petticoat

It is really short but is very puffy and confortable. The waist is free because it is an elastic. I have a 32,5 inches waist and it fits perfectly. I only tried it on once, it has no trace of use. I bought it in a local store for 39$ but I'm willing to sell it cheaper because it is short.
Price: 30$ shipped OBO

Bodyline white petticoat

I don't need this one anymore so I'm selling it, maximum waist would be 33 inches, maybe 34 but it would feel less confortable.
Price: 14$ shipped OBO

Bodyline poodle skirt

I bought this off the comm but it really doesn't fit my waist even though the seller told me it would. I,m really sad I have to sell this one because it is really pretty. It has an line of frill that someone added at the bottom, it gives a nice touch to the skirt.
It'd fit a waist of 30 inches confortably.
Price: 40$ shipped OBO
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