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US Bodyline GO



This GO will be open until next Monday (1/10) at 8pm CST
Participants: 2/20 slots filled


1. Go to the bodyline site and pick out what you want.
2. Give me your selections as a reply the official group order page on eglgrouporder. It's most convenient for me if you post your order there.

Item Type & Item number*:
Link to Item:
Your city and state:
Paypal Email:

If you have more than one item you only need to copy the first 4 lines of the form and fill them out for each new item.

3. You will be invoiced, and you have 12 hours to pay starting from the time/day I send you a PM notification that you've been invoiced. If you join on the last day of the GO, you have up to 6 hours after the GO ends to pay. Please don't be late since this delays everyone's order.

  - Your invoice will include shipping to you and a $2 GO fee if you are not picking it up locally. Any shipping surcharges over $1 will be refunded to you. I'll be using USPS Priority for things over 13oz and USPS first class for under 10oz.. Paypal fee is 4%

-If someone backs out, the split shipping fee will increase. If I've sent invoices, then they all have to be resent to cover the increased shipping fee. Please, don't back out once you've joined :-)

4. A tracking number will be given as an update on EGLGROUPORDER, you can see your own tracking numbers on your paypal payment.

5. The items will arrive and they will be sent out to you no later than 1-2 business days from when I get the package in hand. If there are a whole lot of participants, like more than 12, I may need a third day.

- If you have any questions or suggestions, put them in the comments section and in case someone else is wondering the same thing, they can see the response
-Don't worry about having to pay a lot for shipping because it doesn't fill up right. I'll only place the order if there are at least 5 participants, including myself. The most you'll have to pay for overseas shipping is $4
-The GO fee is for the effort and time that it takes to organize a group order, pack and ship items
-If we are hit by customs (hasn't happened yet), the cost of the fee will be split equally and paid before items are shipped to participants. If I get a bill later on down the line instead of right away like they do sometimes for customs fees, you're expected to pay your part of that.
* I transfer your information into an excel file. Having the item number helps me quickly locate your items among the rest without having to open your link.again when packing to ship ^ ^

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