Amy the Yu (amy_the_yu) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Amy the Yu

[WTB] AP Dessert Collection OP, JSK or Skirt [found]

I'm desperately pining for the Angelic Pretty Dessert Collection in black or sax blue.  I'm hoping someone here would have one they're looking to sell.  Name your price.  I'd just really like to try to buy direct and avoid shopping service fees before I turn to the Japanese auction sites. X3

Shipping needs to be to Canada, but I'd be happy with an international seller as well (It's a rare I'd be lucky to find it here at all).

Style: OP, Skirt, JSK (in that order)
Colour: Black, sax blue (in that order)


I have items available for trade as well (although I find most people would rather outright sell):
OPs, JSKs and Skirts -
Accessories -

Edit: Got my dream black OP. ^^
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty
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