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!AFC Bloomers, JSKs, Skirts, and OPs also Accessories

Link to my Feedback: 
Payment Options: Paypal Preferred, other options decided on a case-by-case basis

I'm specifically taking commissions on bloomers right now.  I use flannel and Egyptian cotton depending on what you want.  Get in on some super warm winter weather bloomers if you are in the northern hemisphere! I am also taking commissions on anything but blouses and pettiskirts.  I wish I had the time to make them as well but they are just so time consuming!

All items have a base cost listed.  All prices are that base cost plus materials.  For example, a skirt will say $25 in my cost chart.  That means it is $25+cost of materials.  I always try and get THE BEST deal I can on materials.  I always give a material cost estimate before I purchase anything.

Cost chart:
Bloomers: $20
Cupcake Skirts: $25-$50
JSKs: $60-$100
OPs: $60-$100
Head bows: $5-$15 depending on size, detail, etc.)
Headdresses: $15-$20

Payment rules: I ask you pay for materials in advance (You can request a receipt scan, I'd gladly send it).  Once material costs are paid for I start your item.  I will send pictures once it is done (sometimes while I'm working if I have questions for you) and if it is approved I will invoice you for the remainder and the shipping.  I can only estimate shipping, using USPS, so sometimes the shipping invoiced will end up being a small amount over the actual cost. I can always send back that money.  If you prefer another form of shipping please keep in mind costs will be higher. We split all paypal fees.

On to the pictures:

For more examples of my work please go to my sewing album on photobucket or my Deviantart, both links provided below.

Comment with any questions, as well as your e-mail address so I can communicate further via e-mail please.

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