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DS: AP Fruits Parlor (Red), totes, Bodyline skirt

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USA only, sorry!!

(all shipping charges include tracking)

Paypal, check or money order (I am not responsible for checks or money orders lost in the mail)
If paying via paypal: A 2.9% + $0.30 fee will apply. I will email you and PM you on LJ the final amount. Once you've confirmed in both email and on LJ, I will invoice you.

Please PM me your paypal and personal email.

I will ship your item once payment has been received.

I do have a pet: a hamster that we let run around in his ball every now and then (not on the carpet of course :3) but otherwise that's it.

Non-smoking household

Also~ No trades, please.

Fruit's Parlor Skirt (Red) $170 + $12 shipping (OBO)
Was owned before me, I wore it twice (once to a meeting and once to PMX 2009) and has been sitting in my closet since. Hand washed once.
25 inches partially shirred in the back

Fruits Parlor

Fruits Palor back

FP print

FP apron

FP stain 1

FP stain 2

FP Stain 3

Pink Bodyline Skirt $30 + $8 shipping OBO
24 inches partially shirred in the back, hand washed once
Wore once for tea party

Bodyline Pink skt front

Bodyline pink skt back

BL pnk skt bow

BL pnk skt stain

AP heart tote (red w/ white hearts) $16 + $4 shipping
Used a couple of times for meetups. Clean, no stains that I can see.

AP heart tote front

AP heart tote back

AP heart tote closeup

AP Royal Poodle small tote (black) $8 + $4 shipping
Never used.

AP Royal Poodle sm tote front

AP Royal Poodle sm tote back

AP RP sm tote closeup

I will consider offers for the skirts only.

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. You can also email me at

♥ Thanks for looking! ♥
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