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WTB: Boots 'n Shoes! :D Show me anything used! Any color! Any Style!

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Shoe Size: US 7-7.5    Japanese: 23.5

So this Friday my sisters cat had a rather horrible encounter with my coveted white Tea Party Shoes... and sadly... the cat won. In light of this, I am expanding my search for shoes. I had previously only been looking for boots, but now I'm open to anything. And I'm interested in colors this time. 

I am most interested in CORK bottom boots or shoes. I LOVE scallops!
I might look at tea parties again ); but my heart is a little broken for now...
I prefer a gradual platform to heels, but I'll look at heels :) I just don't like super "High heel" styles. ( But I'll still look!)
I DO Like platform and RHS, just not clunky 3" separated heel styles.

 I will definitely look at ALL color and ALL styles!  Except Yellow... since I don't have ANY in my wardrobe XD And I'm also NOT looking for or interested in "loliable" finds.... 

Thank you~!
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