Ari <3 (phantomthief) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Ari <3

WTB: Nightgown-esq ivory/white OP or JSK


Looking for preferably a long-sleeved OP in ivory in a classical nightgown style... This VM (I think?) dress is exactly what I want but I'm willing to compromise since I need it before February (and I've got a feeling this dress is kind of rare). White or cream would probably be acceptable and I can probably do a JSK if the price is right. Off brand or hand-made is perfectly fine though I ask that it not be too sheer. I don't need any of the crazy pleating, either. I'm just after the shape preferably with the round collar and puffed sleeves.

But anything of that style would be amazing *A* Price is pretty flexible, it really depends on the dress.
I could probably also go for something like this, but I'm a little iffier on price since I'd have to make a bolero overtop.


Please let me know!
Tags: !wtb, any brand, fanplusfriend, handmade, indie brand, innocent world, mary magdalene, offbrand, victorian maiden
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