COURT-NEE (bijoujou) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DT: Metamorphose C/L Honey Picnic
Please post with your feedback.

Ugh, unfortunately I got everything I DIDN'T want in the Metamorphose Honey Picnic pack. Super disappointing but an easy fix!

I want to trade the whole set (except for the necklace) for your set! But, If you want to trade just the dress, or any other combination, that'lll be fine too :3 My only condition: It must be the shirring jsk in mint or lavender! It must be new!  No other offers will be taken. (I migth consider pink though. It just doesn't suit me!

I got this dress:

Again! ONLY the shirring dress, in lavender or mint! Thank you!
Tags: !dt, metamorphose

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