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DS: Angelic Pretty Items!

★ First person to commit to purchase + pays asking price gets piority

★ I only post via Registered Post or Express nothing lower. Registered is default shipping level for me.
I am not responsible for any parcels once I hand them over to the postal system.
★ I accept paypal payments only but I don't accept cc-paypal payments (ie. credit card related payments)
★ Measurements are amatuer but I will do my best.

★ No trades / Partial Trades /  Not accepting payment plans at the moment

 Feedback here. Old Feedback screencapped by a mod: Here. And Here.

Angelic Pretty Heart Pocket Jsk + Angelic Pretty Headbow SET

BackExtra RhinestonesHello Lace

This is the one owned by mintymix

She's added extra rhinestones so it doesn't look as plain and a pearl chain. However the detachable pearl chain is broken but is included. The chain is not part of the orginal design. It has been washed already.

Measurments: Bust: ~82-88 cm  |  Waist: ~69- 75 cm | Length: ~86 cm + 5 cm = ~91cm

Flaw 1

Condition:  The top bow is a bit loose - still sits properly. Broach depicted, has a mark.
There's a slight dot on the detachable headband broach.



* * *

Angelic Pretty - Wonder Cookie Blouse

Condition: Worn once. Washed straight after. No flaws. Just a bit wrinkled from storage. Will iron before shipping.
Measurements: Bust: ~82-88 cm | Length: ~54cm

- SOLD -
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