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WTB: Carousel JSK bodyline, headbows, socks, shoes, etc.

I'm looking to buy a couple of things to complete a bit more my lolita wardrobe. I don't have precise names for all, but I know the colors I want.

Before I foget, here is my feedback:

In reality, I already bought 2 times from people here and also sold once. I just didn't receive any feedback from them. All transactions were positive.

Ok so first I'd like to have this bodyline JSK in black or blue (I think the name is carousel JSK). If it comes in a set with the headbow it'd be even better. I'm looking for the L2 size or any size that would fit 38 bust and 32,5 waist.

I'm also looking for headbows.

- I'd like one that would be black and white and could include some frilly stuff on it. This picture would be a great exemple of what I'm looking for:

- Another would be cream or dark pink. It must fit with this bodyline jsk here (not my picture but I own it too)

- Another would be red or white or both and could include polka-dot applique on it. I want it to go with my dear celine bunny polka-dot jsk. The headbow should look similar to this but a bit less flashy:

This is the jsk I'm talking about and which I want the headbow to go with (again the picture is not mine but I will get this jsk soon):

- Any headbow  that is milky-chan related would be good too.

- I'd also like the bunny BTSSB headwear in white or black:

I'd also like socks to be in the same colourways as the headbows mentionned previously. So one pair would be black and white, the other would be cream or dark pink, the other would be red and white polka-dot and the last would be socks with milky-chan on them. The socks must be over the knees because I'm quite tall and I hate it when the socks are too short for me.

If you would have white lolita shoes to sell that would be 7.5 or 8 in US size I'd also be glad to consider buying them. They must be kinda flat because I don't really like heels.

Note that I don't have the money for ALL that stuff. I will consider every offer and pick the ones I like most and that are the cheapest. Thank you!
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, dear celine, secret shop
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