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DS: Lolita Dream Jsk & Skirt, SS Tea Party

*All prices are in USD
*Accept PAYPAL,please add 4.5%paypal fee
*Its a repost  after 4 weeks.
*Feel free to ask question
*Feedback:   EGL_FEEDBACK           MY_LJF_EEDBACK

Fantastic Dolly Replica Jsk   A Version
Matching Headbow +$4

Color: Red / Violet / Yellow
Size: XS / S / M / L / XL (Shirring can stretch about 15cm more, not includ in measurement below, its "extra")
XS= Bust 80, Waist 62, Long 88cm
S = Bust 86, Waist 68, Long 90cm
M = Bust 92, Waist 74, Long 90cm
L = Bust 96, Waist 86, Long 95cm
XL = Bust 100, Waist 86, Long 95cm 

Now$58 + $13 worldwide shipping
18hrs later: $69 + $13 worldwide shipping
*** Version B ,  same price, only size S~80bust, 60waist, 90long    /   L~90bust,     70waist,    95long

**Skirt version available, please ask**

Alice Jsk Version A

Color: Red /  Blue / Pink
Size: S / M / L / XL
S = Bust82cm, Waist64cm, Long90cm
M = Bust 88cm, Waist 71cm, Long93cm
L = Bust 94cm, Waist81cm, Long95cm
XL = Bust 100cm, Waist81cm, Long95cm
Now: $66 + worldwide shipping$13
20hrs later $76 + worldwide shipping $13


Alice JSK Version B 
Color: RedBlue / Pink
Waist Choice: High Waist / Normal Waist                          Please compare:  High    /  Normal 
Size: S / M / L / XL
S=Bust 82cm, Waist 64cm, Long90cm
M=Bust 88cm, Waist 71cm, Long93cm
L=Bust 94cm, Waist 75cm, Long95cm
XL=Bust 100cm, Waist 81cm, Long95cm
Now: $64 + worldwide shipping $13
19hrs later: $74 + worldwide shipping $13
*If u are ordering this, remmeber the following info, color, size, type of waist, only version B can choose high / normal waist

Alice Skirt
Color: Pink / Blue
Size: One size only, Waist 64-78cm, long 52cm
Now: $49USD + $9shipping to all places
18hrs later: $57USD + $9shipping to all places

Ribbon JSK
Color: khaki  / Black
Size: S / M / L
S = Bust 82,  Waist 64,  Long 90 (CM)
M = Bust 88,  Waist 71, Long 93 (CM)
L = Bust 94,  Waist 75,  Long 95 (CM)
Now: $63+ shipping (around $14 to all places)
18hrs later: $69+ shipping (around $14 to all places)

Ribbon Skirt
Color:  khaki / Black
Size: S / M / L
S= Waist 60-66cm, long 53cm
M= Waist 67-73cm, long 53cm
L = Waist 74-80cm, long 53cm
Now: $48 + shipping ($9.5 too all places)
18hrs later:: $57 + shipping ($9.5 too all places)

Previous Lolita Dream Item + Secret Shop Tea Party

Limited Time Discount is closing in 12hrs,
The quickest way to place order is
Let me know which item, color, size, want bow or not, paypal address, contact email address.


Tags: !ds, offbrand, secret shop
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