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[WTSplit/GO] Suppurate System Lucky Packs

Closed, ordered and paid.

Suppurate System has their lucky packs out now.

They also have a deal that if you buy more than 30,000yen, you get free shipping (otherwise it's 2000yen for EMS for a LP).  That means, if 3 LPs get ordered, it's free shipping from Japan!

I only care for 1 LP, but I'd like to save on shipping if at all possible, so I'm asking if there's anyone else who'd like to take a LP.  I'd be fine if people wanted to split one as well (I can divide up the packs and ship to the individual parties).

10,000 yen lucky pack
Includes: Necklace, Ring, Brooch, Mask, Fake Piercing (earring for non-pierced ears) and Crown
Value: 20,000yen or more

Round 1  Closed, ordered and paid
Lucky pack 1 - Me
Lucky pack 2 -
Lucky pack 3 - </strike>ja3_lolita

About me:  I am not a shopping service, but I do a LOT of online shopping and selling plus I've run several group orders for my local BJD community before.  $1300+ GOs split between over 20 people?  Been there, done that.
This would be great for anyone who's not comfortable buying from Japan due to language barrier, or simply don't have quite enough $ immediately.

My feedback: </strike>

Cost: $125US (that's paypal's current'll pay whatever paypal's actual rate is when I place the order, whether that happens to be a little higher or lower)
I need a deposit for $50 of the payment up front, the remaining when the LPs are in hand and ready to ship to you.
If the package gets hit by customs, it will be divided based on the value of your portion of the purchase (since customs is a percentage fee based on the value of the parcel).
You'll also have to pay shipping from me to you (see below).
If I can't obtain enough LPs, your payment will be refunded immediately.


Buyer pays for paypal fees for payments sent to me OR send as gift from within North America and the fee is waived.
No shopping service fees!

Shipping:  I'm located in Richmond Hill, Ontario (north end of the Toronto area). 
Approx $16 to the USA (Expedited Post with tracking and insurance) or approx $11 to the USA by regular airmail...
Canada will be a bit cheaper ($8 and up depending on location, tracking and insurance included). 
I can also offer pick up for anyone around Toronto.

Deadline: cut off early since the slots are filled.
Tags: !go, suppurate system
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