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Märchen schreibt die Zeit

DS: Cake Bag and Legwarmers!

Feedback: This is my feedback.

Shipping: I am shipping from Germany and I will ship anywhere in the world. Shipping prices are quoted without insurance, so if you want insurance, please ask. ^__^

Prices are in USD. Feel free to make offers, I will consider them!

1. Cake Bag

I bought it from a seller on here, but never used it, as I was given another cake bag as a gift shortly after.

The glue on the little creampuffs had already yellowed when I received it, which you can't really see without lifting them up where they've partly come off. This could easily be fixed with a couple of stitches, but I've not had the time to do that. The prices reflects these damages of course.

I am asking $12 plus Shipping:
Germany: $6
Worldwide: $8


2. Gothic/Punk Legwarmers

I bought these from someone who got them in Japan. So I'm the second owner, but I haven't ever worn them because I have nothing to go with them, so they've been sitting in a box and are literally LIKE NEW. They're soft to the touch, stretchy so they'll fit little to larger calves, and a very good quality make, though I'm not sure what brand they are. They're extremely cute and gorgeous and I love them, but I need the money. v.v

I am asking $45 plus Shipping:
Germany: $3
Worldwide: $5


Thanks for looking! ^____^
Tags: !ds, any brand, offbrand
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