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DS/DT WineXGold Infanta Nightingale, RedXWht Boots, Other Shoes, Cardis/Outerwear!

Hi and welcome! Please enjoy my mega sales post! Remember I am open to offers, trades, and partial trades, so let me know what you offer. Don’t be shy :3

For an idea, I’m currently looking for black RHS, white boots, black boots, brown boots, white shoes, cream or white bolero... but I'm willing to look at and consider just about anything as I get a fidgety wardrobe! 

Please read these rules first before buying:

-          Priority goes to those who leave payment details and clear payment first, OR those willing to give me the best deal (i.e. the asking price, or a better trade). (This, naturally, means I don't do holds. Also, even if you inquire about an item first, it does not give you priority. Please understand that I need this stuff gone, so if someone who comments AFTER you has left their paypal and you're still deciding, I will have to sell it to the one who left details first. I have too much stuff to be able to hold things for you just because you asked a question! If you find it more civilised, you can let me know you're interested and then wait for the other people to formally back out, but I prefer quick sales so will sell to the first person who can pay. Sorry to be harsh, but I'm overrun with items!)

-          I try to keep prices as low as possible so all lolitas can enjoy the style and for quick sales, but I don’t mind haggling and I won’t take offence at it.

-          Postage prices AND Paypal fees are now included in the prices listed but Insurance/tracking/recorded delivery is NOT included in the price (unless otherwise stated) and will cost you extra so please ask for a quote. If you prefer to send payment as a gift, the price will be reduced accordingly.

-          Because the extra cost of posting something small like socks with something large like a skirt is negligible, there will be postage discounts if you buy more than one item!

-          I will recycle packaging when I can. Don’t worry, your goods will be safe!


Please note that we have inclement weather in the UK at the minute- snow, snow, and more snow! So please be patient. I will ship out quickly, but I’ve been advised by the post office that most mail is moving a little slower than usual (unless express/priority is paid for). Thank you for your understanding!

Feedback can be found here:  http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/269743.html

Lastly, photos of clothing are shown on my dress form Venus who has my initials on her neckstump (MT for MissyTetra and NLT for my real name). Otherwise, my unicorn twins will be my proof, shown here with Venus.

(Before we go on to the sales: I'd just like to say that it will seem like I'm posting an awful lot of stuff in quick succession! Don't worry, I'm not here to monopolise the sales community or anything, and I am making sure I adhere to the rules of posting!-- I just have a LOT to clear out because I'm going down from three wardrobes to two. I'm happy to combine postage from any of my sales posts together, will post links to my earlier sales at the bottom of the page. Just give you a quick rundown of what’s here I have all this lot to get in eventually so it's going to take a while (estimate about 4 sales posts? Five): http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ24 

Onwards to the sales!!



1 – Infanta Emperor Nightingale JSK

It has been worn once with a cutsew underneath.
Link to photo:

No damage, however I must point out that I have now removed the gold bows on the front of the dress (I can include them in your package or hand stitch them back on if you want... they’re really tacky ribbons though- plastic!), and I removed the shiny wrapping-paper type ribbon from the corset at the back. It could easily be replaced with something more tasteful. Price to reflect this! I must also point out that I have a detailed review of things I find are slightly silly about this JSK (although don’t let my overly-critical analysis put you off, the overall construction is very good and I’ve gotten rid of all those loose threads!), and you can find those images here:  http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/

The flat measurements are: max bust 32"/82cm, waist max 28"/72cm.

(I wore it with 35" bust... it was a little uncomfortable. However if you're a 33 or 34" maybe you might still be able to wear it? I wouldn't like to advise it but it's possible :/)

£60 shipped in UK, £62 shipped in Europe, £64 shipped elsewhere

2- Offbrand Dusty Pink Knit Wrap Cardigan, worn twice
Has cute pinhole detail and scallop crocheting around the neckline. I also have the same one in sax blue for sale :3
Picture link: http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/DSCF5092.jpg
Another picture: http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/?action=view&current=DSCF5094.jpg  

£7.00 shipped in UK, £8.00 in Europe, £9.00 elsewhere

3 – Charcoal Embroidered/Devore Effect Tripp Corset Jacket
It has some wear on the top/inner of the collar, but it is undamaged elsewhere. It is in used condition though, so please bear that in mind even though it doesn't have any rips, marks, or stains! I do not have the hook and eyes that used to close the cuffs-- I took them off so that my frilly blouse cuffs could be seen. Priced cheaply to reflect this, and the collar wear! The condition otherwise is really good!

Collar: http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/?action=view&current=trippjacket3.jpg

Bust measures 36", and waist 30", but you can add a couple inches by letting out the corset lacing at the back!

£22.00 Shipped in UK, £23.00 shipped to Europe, £25.00 shipped elsewhere (Original price paid: $80)


4. Black velveteen 7 wine red faux fur collar long cardigan
Mint condition, worn once sold thank you!!


5. Red X White polkadot short sleeved cardigan with sash- SOLD THANK YOU!

6. Offwhite Vintage (but mint condition!) short-sleeved cardigan
Please note colour is OFF WHITE. Another photograph: http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/?action=view&current=vtgcardi1.jpg

Bust measures 38" unstretched.

£8.00 shipped in UK, £9.00 shipped in Europe, £10.00 elsewhere
7. Offbrand "In Stitches" White Long Sleeved Cardigan
  It is in great condition, worn a few times and has very very minor piling on the ends of the sleeves. No greying or dulling! Very lovely and warm with nice crochet around the collar. The buttons are white plastic with silver frames (you might want to replace these with something cuter!)
Photo link: http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/?action=view&current=whtcardi2.jpg
Another picture:
Please note, colour is WHITE.

Bust measures 38" unstretched.

£9.00 shipped in UK, £10.00 shipped in Europe, £11.50 shipped elsewhere


8.  Red X White Bodyline pom pom boots sz 24cm, worn twice
Soles are near immaculate as you can see. (Sorry shipping the shoes is expensive!)
(Colour is as first photo). More pictures:
Link to picture: http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/redboots1.jpg
Another showing sides:

£25 shipped in UK, £27 shipped in Europe, £29 shipped elsewhere

9. Black Faux-leather flat bowknot boots, UK 6, about 25cm
I wore these out once, but it was outside so the soles are not perfect and there are some minor little damaged on the underside of the lips of the shoes. However, they are in superb condition! I bought them for £25 by the make BLOX (well, £24.99!), and unfortunately they are too big for me. I’m really about a UK 5 or a 23-24cm... *sigh* I hope they can find a good home!
I do not have the original box but I will pack them in a box for sending. They’ll be great for winter (there’s plenty of it left!) to finish the gothic and aristocrat looks.

£12.00 shipped in UK, £15.00 shipped Europe, £16.00 shipped elsewhere

10. Black peeptoe polka dot bow shoes sz UK 4 / 23cm

They say UK 4 however, I wear a 24cm/UK5 and I wore them because I didn’t mind my heel being quite far back (only just accommodated, but it worked!). They are supposed to be for 23cm though, and I have not worn them enough to stretch them at all! (When I wore them, I was mainly sat down and didn’t do a lot of walking haha!) Sorry, shipping for these is quite high! Selling cheaply because they have a few litlte scuffings in the front as you can see, despite them being hardly worn! (Maybe it can be easily corrected with black shoe polish?) They cost £45 new but I don't really wear polka dots any more and there's no use them staying in the closet looking sad ;____;

£15 shipped in UK, £18 shipped in Europe, £20 shipped elsewhere

11. Black Cherry Print Flat Shoes with Bows
I wore them 2 times but they did get a little scuffings on the undersides! They are in good condition, but the damages are photographed below so you can see :3 There are no damages on the tops, it’s all under the lips near the sole.

(Pictures of scuffings have been lightened to show damages-- the damages are not white in real life, they're a really dark grey :) )
Underlip scuff on one shoe:
Underlip scuff of other shoe:

£6.00 shipped in UK, £7.00 shipped internationally.

12 - Pink Bodyline Jesus-Diamante-Style Rose Wedges sz 23 BN
I have 5 other pairs of pink shoes. Enough said!

Soles: http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/JDSHOES4.jpg Sides: http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/JDSHOES2.jpg
The leather of the inner pad has been dented somehow, so I thought I better show you so you know:
£12.00 shipped in UK, £14 shipped in Europe, £15 shipped elsewhere

My older sales can be found here:  (Blouses, Corsets, Tops) http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/13153049.html

(JSK, Skirt, pink polka dot cutsew, Waistcoat, some accessories):  http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/13098027.html

Thank you for looking, let me know if you have any questions!

Remember if there's anything else in my album/future/past sales posts that you're interested in I'm happy to add it to anything from this post :)



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