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!DS/DT Closet Mega-Clean PT 1 : Long Sleeve Blouses, Bustiers/Corsets, 1 Skirt


Hi and welcome! Please enjoy my mega sales post! Remember I am open to offers, trades, and partial trades, so let me know what you offer. Don’t be shy :3

For an idea, I’m currently looking for black RHS, white boots, black boots, brown boots, white shoes, cream or white bolero... but I'm willing to look at and consider just about anything as I get a fidgety wardrobe! 

Please read these rules first before buying:

-          Priority goes to those who leave payment details and clear payment first, OR those willing to give me the best deal (i.e. the asking price, or a better trade). (This, naturally, means I don't do holds. Also, even if you inquire about an item first, it does not give you priority. Please understand that I need this stuff gone, so if someone who comments AFTER you has left their paypal and you're still deciding, I will have to sell it to the one who left details first. I have too much stuff to be able to hold things for you just because you asked a question! If you find it more civilised, you can let me know you're interested and then wait for the other people to formally back out, but I prefer quick sales so will sell to the first person who can pay. Sorry to be harsh, but I'm overrun with items!)

-          I try to keep prices as low as possible so all lolitas can enjoy the style and for quick sales, but I don’t mind haggling and I won’t take offence at it.

-          Postage prices AND Paypal fees are now included in the prices listed but Insurance/tracking/recorded delivery is NOT included in the price (unless otherwise stated) and will cost you extra so please ask for a quote. If you prefer to send payment as a gift, the price will be reduced accordingly.

-          Because the extra cost of posting something small like socks with something large like a skirt is negligible, there will be postage discounts if you buy more than one item!

-          I will recycle packaging when I can. Don’t worry, your goods will be safe!


Please note that we have inclement weather in the UK at the minute- snow, snow, and more snow! So please be patient. I will ship out quickly, but I’ve been advised by the post office that most mail is moving a little slower than usual (unless express/priority is paid for). Thank you for your understanding!

Feedback can be found here:  http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/269743.html

Lastly, photos of clothing are shown on my dress form Venus who has my initials on her neckstump (MT for MissyTetra and NLT for my real name). Otherwise, my unicorn twins will be my proof, shown here with Venus.

Onwards to the sales!

(Because there is a lot going to be contained in my DS/DT's in the next couple weeks, I’ll just give you a quick rundown of what’s here: Blouses: Long sleeved in black, white, and ivory. Cardigans/Outerwear: Red x White polka, black velvet w/wine fur, a jacket, Corsets/Basques: pirate loli, ero loli, and a classic camisole, Skirts: A lovely cream skirt with roses, Socks: Black cherry KH, PinkXRed KN, RedxBlack OTK Stripe + more stripes!, Shoes: RedXWhite boots, black boots, Black polka dot shoes, cherry flats, Accessories: Hair flowers, headbands, bows, slides, and handmade, Jewellery: Deco, necklaces, rings, and bracelets and charms)  I have all this lot to get in eventually so it's going to take a while (estimate about 4 sales posts?): http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/#!cpZZ1QQtppZZ24 



(1-3 are victims of over-buying impulsively thinking that the first ones I bought would wear out... and they didn’t! So just looking to get some of my cash back for other items I need.)

1 – Offbrand BNWT Black Cotton Ruffle Blouse UK size 10
It has lots of ruffles! It’s hard to capture the details on it, but you can always refer to the matching one in ivory chiffon to see the detail.

Picture link:  http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/?action=view&current=DSCF5080.jpg 
Without flash: 

Measurements: Size 10: taken flat 34" bust, and 30" waist. Size 12 is +2" to each. The fabric has a small amount of stretch for comfort.

£14.00 shipped in UK, £15.00 shipped in Europe, £16.00 everywhere else

2 – Offbrand BNWT Black Chiffon Ruffle Blouse
        Same as the other black blouse, only made from a chiffon-like fabric which is semi-sheer! Wonderful to wear beneath JSK I think! (I wear a cream one of these like the one below :3)

Measurements taken flat Bust 35", Waist 31", so for a 34" bust and 28-30" waist.
£14.00 shipped in UK, £15.00 shipped in Europe, £16.00 everywhere else

3 – Offbrand BNWT Antique Cream Chiffon Ruffle Blouse
Same as above, but in an ivory-like colour (I think it’s called antique cream? A dark cream?). I wear the same one, because it’s just lovely!
Link for detail: http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/?action=view&current=DSCF5087.jpg
Worn with a JSK: http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/creamworn.jpg  (please excuse the non-coordinating socks... I couldn't be bothered to change them as it's 10pm here and I'm all cushy!)

Measures flat 35" bust flat, and 31" waist. So suitable for 34" bust and 28-30" waist I think!

£14.00 shipped in UK, £15.00 shipped in Europe, £16.00 everywhere else

4 – Offbrand White Lace Bib Blouse, worn once SOLD THANK YOU!

5 – Offbrand white Long Aristocrat Blouse , worn once- SOLD THANK YOU!

6 - Black Offbrand Frill-Bust Blouse w/Chiffon-  SOLD THANK YOU
Detail: http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/?action=view&current=blackvneckruffle2.jpg , http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/?action=view&current=blackvneckruffle3.jpg 

Measures: Bust 34-36", Waist 30-31"

£6.00 shipped in UK, £7.00 shipped in Europe, £8.00 shipped elsewhere

7 - Pale Brown "Cutie Pie Cafe" Casual T-shirt (great for slouchy days with a cute skirt!)
     It's too large for me. I only wore it and washed it twice, or three times, but it's way too big for me and it's a shame for it to sit around doing nothing! It has a slightly cracked motif, please see the pictures. Otherwise it's in 3/5 condition I'd say.


Measures flat Bust 40".


8 – Military Aristocrat Style Boned Cord Basque (Offbrand, worn once, mint condition)
I wore this once for a party with a tailcoat and kodona pants, but it’s a little big for me in the waist and I never got around to tailoring it! Very thick and plush fabric, fully lined, hook and eyes to front.

Detail:  http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/?action=view&current=militaire2.jpg

Measurements: Bust 32", Waist 28", however it's supposed to be tight and I wore it with a 35" bust, but I wouldn't recommend for over 34" busts just in case!

£12.00 shipped in UK, £13 shipped in Europe, £14.00 shipped elsewhere

9 – Black & White print Ero-lolita boned Top
It is in mint condition, I wore it once.

Angled pic for detail: http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/?action=view&current=laceprint2.jpg

Measures: Bust 32-34", Waist 26-28"

£8.00 shipped in UK, £9.00 shipped in Europe, £10.00 shipped elsewhere

10 – Black Satin & Lace Embellished Boned Top
It is in mint condition, worn once.

Picture links: http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/?action=view&current=blacksatin1.jpg , http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/?action=view&current=blacksatin2.jpg , http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/?action=view&current=blacksatin3.jpg 

Measures: Bust 30"-32", waist for 28".

£8.00 shipped in UK, £9.00 shipped in Europe, £10.00 shipped elsewhere

11 – Red Corset-style Boned Top, worn a few times

Although it’s in used condition with minor fading here and there if you squint, it’s in good condition with a lot of life left! Sorry the colour is a little off- it's more of a true red!!

Measures: Bust from 32" up to 36" because of corset, and Waist 26" up to 30" (all approximate since you can lace and unlace!)

£9.00 shipped in UK, £10.00 shipped in Europe, £11.00 shipped elsewhere

12 - Purple Boned Corset-cut Top (Good condition, aside from the damage as described)
 I don't wear much purple for some reason, so I never wear this! Hopefully someone else will. It has chiffon ruffles. There has been a sloppy repair to the chiffon at the top of the bust. I bought it on the internet second hand for £15 but she didn't mention this! I haven't gotten around to repairing it myself. Maybe you're a dab hand with hand-stitching and can make it all better?

Damage: http://s339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/?action=view&current=purpledamage.jpg 

Measures: (Has stretch in the back panel!) 30-34" Bust, and 24-28" waist comfortably. It will stretch more but I don't know if it would be comfortable!

£9.00 shipped in UK, £10.00 shipped in Europe, £11.50 shipped elsewhere

13 - Antique Mint Offbrand Corset-cut Bustier Top
  It's in mint condition, as I only wore it once. Really not my colour!

Colour of the mint is just a shade darker and bolder than the photo :3

£11.00 shipped in UK, £12.00 shipped in Europe, £13.00 shipped elsewhere

14 – Black Satin & Cream Satin Camisole Top SOLD


15– River Island (Offbrand) Sweet Lolita Rose-Print Fully Shirred Skirt-- SOLD THANK YOU!


Lastly I'd like to put a small shopping service for this item: 

The store has 3 left. They are 5" tall and cost £12.00 each so it would be £15.00 shipped anywhere in the world without tracking. (I don't want to make money from them, just want to share them!) Please let me know if you want one and I can run in and grab one-- I live right around the corner and they won't last forever >< They even havea  pen when you twist it that pops out the bottom!

OLD SALES :: http://community.livejournal.com/egl_comm_sales/13098027.html 
(jewellery, offbrand skirt and cutsew and waistcoat!)

Thanks for looking, any questions please ask!


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