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DS: BTSSB Strawberry Letters JSK and Cutsew

Stuff that's moderately important:
- EGL Feedback Page: Link!
- I will be shipping from the New Orleans, Louisiana area
- All items are from a pet-free home
- Transactions will be done over Paypal
- First person to link their Paypal email and pay in full gets the item.
- US Buyers preferred, however if an international seller wishes to purchase anything, just tack on $5.00 USD to the total cost.
- If you need an additional measurement, just ask :D
- I'll also consider best offers as well. Not looking to trade at this time.
- Measurements are very amateur, and done as accurately as possible.
- Shipping will be done via USPS, and you will receive a tracking number as well. I plan to ship items 1-2 business days after payment is received.

Phew that was a lot! Onward to sales!

DS: BTSSB Strawberry Letters JSK, in Sax Blue
Stock Photo: Front | Side, in a different color
Proof of Ownership: Front | Back
Worn: Pic1 | Pic2
Measurements: Bust and Waist: Approx 63.5~96cm (25~38in), due to full shirring, please let me know if you need full length measurement as well.

Notes: Worn twice, gently used. Full shirring around the bust and waist, so it is plus-size friendly :D Has detachable front bow, halter and shoulder straps, as well as back bow for versatility. Lace is off-white. Item will be dry-cleaned before shipment.
Cost: $200 USD OBO, including shipping in the US. International buyers add $5.00 USD.

DS: BTSSB Cutsew with Bunny Ears, White
Proof of Ownership: Front | Detail of Hood
Measurements: sleeve, from shoulder to end: 53.5cm (21in), top to bottom: 41cm (16in) waist: ~96cm (~34in)

Notes: Barely worn, has really cute bunny ears attached to the hood. Would comfortably fit someone with a 96cm (34in) waist.
Cost: $70 USD, including shipping in the US. International buyers add $5.00 USD.

Thanks for looking!! Sorry for the plain post!

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright
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