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I bought a dress from the user
[info]himonin  on Oct. 22nd and waited several weeks for it to arrive. When it didn't come I asked her if she sent it out, but received no reply. After contacting her RL friend who replied to another attn seller post about himonin, she sent me a message explaining that she had family issues she had to deal with and she sent the dress out now, providing a tracking number.

That tracking number never worked, and so does the number of another user who bought a skirt from her from the same sales post I bought the dress at (in fact, her number worked in the beginning, but it turned out that it was the tracking of a completely different package delivered to a different location).

Again I still don't get any replies to my messages. I'm making this post now to get her to contact me, and ask if anyone else is stuck in a transaction with her? Since there was another attention post about her only about two weeks ago, who had problems with her in the past, and how got the situation solved? Did you get your items or a refund? I'm tired of waiting and not knowing what happened to my money.

EDIT: here's the link to the sales post:

Issue solved, package finally arrived!! :)) Thank you all for your help and support!
Tags: !attention buyer/seller
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