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WTB: Gothic, Classic and Aristocratic - All Clothing

I've been an admirer of Lolita fashion for years now, but I'm finally ready to take the plunge into making Lolita an active part of my life. I'm a beginner so I pretty much have nothing. I have a bad habit of being swayed to drool over JSKs and sets, but I also really need the basics too so I can begin to mix and match and build up my wardrobe.

Looking For

- Petticoats
- Skirts
- Blouses
- JSKs
- OPs
- Riding jacket
- Bolero
- A lace shirt to wear corsets over

Colours, Styles and Brands

I love dark and rich colours because they look best with my skin tone, so I'm mostly looking for items which are black, red, wine, dark blue/navy, mauve, grey, dark green and brown.

I am not looking for anything cute or casual. If it is a light colour, has animals on it, cupcakes or anything that makes you go, 'Aww' I probably don't want it.

I'm willing to look at anything which is well made, structured, elegant and aristocratic in style but I do prefer the following brands:

- Rose Melody
- Victorian Maiden
- Dear Celine
- Surface Spell
- R-Series
- Classical Puppets

My Measurements

I wear a UK size 12 (sometimes 10 depending on item/brand), but these are my exact measurements as of today.

Bust: 100cm (39.5in)
Waist: 77cm (30.5in)
Hips: 100cm (39.5in)
Arm length: 53cm (21in)
Dress/skirt length
      From natural waist to above knee: 48cm (19in)
      From natural waist to ankle: 94-97cm (37-38in)


I'd prefer making payments in USD with my PayPal account, but for UK transactions I am willing to speak bank transfers. If I'm in love with an item and you don't accept PayPal I may be willing to whip out my boyfriend's credit card. :) Of course you need to be willing to ship items to England. UK sellers get priority to save on shipping costs.


I have yet to buy or sell anything so my feedback page is looking a bit empty, but here it is.

Tags: !wtb, dear celine, r-series, rose melody, victorian maiden

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