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DS: BABY, AP, Chocomint, 6%DokiDoki

My feedback page is here: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/222511.html

I believe my prices are reasonable, but I am a desperate college student and will consider your negotiations. :)

The shipping that I have included in the prices is regular airmail.  If you would like better shipping, please inquire.

Also, if you live in SF like me, I am definitely will to meet for pick ups!  Now on to the items:

BABY Usakumya Scarf!
So very lovely and perfect for a sweet winter Lolita! This scarf is like brand new because I have only worn it once.
I am asking:
$75 shipped in the US
$80 shipped everywhere else

Chocomint accessories!
These are both 2-Way clips so you can wear them however you please! Both of these are also in like new condition as I have only worn them once. Also, they are very adorable together! ^_^
For the Star: $12 shipped everywhere
For the Bow: $10 shipped everywhere
(If you would like both: $20 shipped everywhere)

AP San Francisco Tote bag!
Brand new and never used. A gorgeous red color, perfect for the holiday's!
$25 shipped everywhere 


6% DokiDoki Popples shirt!
I bought this at the 6% DokiDoki event in SF this past September. I have worn this a couple of times but it remains in perfect condition! It's very adorable and the Popple on the front is sooooo soft! @_@
$85 shipped US
$88 shipped everywhere else

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, chocomint
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