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!DS: Excentrique Skirt, NWT, price reduced! *SOLD*

*All items are dark black, but I used high res on my D5000 so the details would be more clear! Everything is a strong, dark color, so no worries about that! :)

*All prices include shipping via USPS with tracking and confirmation *inside* the USA! Comment with your post if you would like a quote for international shipping :)

*Paypal only please! :)

*I ship super quick, so once you pay, depending on what time it is, your items will either go out that day or the next! :)

*I do have dogs, but they are not allowed anywhere near the part of the house where I store my clothing! :)

*I will sell to the person that agrees to buy at the asking price, but I will consider other *reasonable* offers :)

*My feedback page is here: Feedback for me!

Excentrique Skirt SOLD

Excentrique skirt in black velvet, brand new, with tags! I love it, and I bought a complete outfit there, but the corset I bought covers the buttons at the top of the skirt, when they deserve to be seen! So I'll need something different :/ But I will say this- Excentrique quality if stunning- hands down the nicest lolita items I've ever worn! I hate to sell this one, but it just won't work for me :( I'll include the catalog that came with it for the buyer :) This will comfortable fit a 24" to 28" waist! :) It does have elastic at the back, so you might be able to do 29", but I don't know how comfortable it will be (over that)... This skirt retails for over ¥23,000!

Price for Excentrique Skirt: $185.00 $148.00

Tags: excentrique
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