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DS: Quick sale!! BTSSB Black coat, Price greatly reduced - over 20% off!

- Payment through PayPal only! (no credit card or e-cheque payments please!)
- Priority to those who leave their paypal address first with the full intention to buy.
- Shipping is NOT included in the prices for these items.
- I am shipping from Sydney, Australia.
- Prices posted are in USD.
- I can hold items if you pay 20% non-refundable deposit (it will go towards the final cost of the item). If you cancel I am entitled to keep the deposit.
- I have one dog, but he has not been around the things I'm selling, (most of them are kept in storage). Non-smokers home.
- Feedback Page: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/274957.html
- Feedback in my journal: http://juliusss.livejournal.com/5059.html
- Feedback on Ebay: http://feedback.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=my.lost.lenore&ftab=AllFeedback


BTSSB Etoile Coat   Black x Black


fur collar attached and showing inner lining.

Worn very lightly for short a time, and bought brand new from the site.  It's in perfect condition.

Unfortunately it doesn't get cold enough here to wear it, so I want to pass it on to someone who is looking for a very warm coat! There are pockets on either side of the coat, cutely hidden under the ruffles. It also features a detachable fur collar, as well as a detachable bow at the back. The lining is gorgeous too!

Additional photos: 
Back  |  (Faux) Fur collar detail  |  Lining detail  |  Lace detail (3 types shown here, but there are even more types on the coat) |  Worn

Measurements from btssb's website: 
Length of sleeves:62cm(24.40inch)

The coat on baby's site: 


Willing to negotiate even further :)


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