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My feedback:
I also have more comprehensive feedback under "softrockstar" on Den of Angels!:

♥ All prices are in USD
♥ Shipping not included in price. If you don't want to pay extra for tracked shipping or delivery confirmation, I am not responsible for the item once it has left my hands. So please let me know which method you would prefer.
♥ I ship internationally (outside North America), BUT IT IS EXPENSIVE, so please advise.

I'm selling my brown curly Cyperous wig in this style + colour:

It's been worn four times, and I would say it's in pretty good condition. It does need to be brushed before and after you wear it, however, to keep it from getting tangled or matted. So I have brushed it a number of times, and it takes to brushing well. It comes with the original Cyperous stand that was included.

ASKING: 45 USD + Shipping sold! thank you <3


Thanks very much!
Feel free to ask me any questions.
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