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DS: Gorgeous offbrand hairpins and a music note brooch for sale!

This is my feedback.

Shipping costs are as follows:

Germany.. €2,20
EU.. €3,40

I'll have to double check about international shipping, so if you're interested let me know where you're from and I'll look.

These prices are uninsured, if you'd like tracking and/or insurance please ask and I'll find out how much it costs!

I accept Paypal, or bank transfer within Germany. :)

1. Green stones (hairpins) - €5 for the pair

These actually come from a set of 3 different pairs of hairpins and -clips, and it's a bit sentimental just to sell the green, but neither my girlfriend nor I ever wear green so... these are hopefully off to a good home! They've never actually been worn.

2. Pink sparkly stars (hairpins) - €3 for the pair

3. Single sparkly dragonfly (hairpin) - €1,50

4. Sparkly musical note / treble clef brooch - €5

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