Riuris (aonele) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

Friendly reminder: enable Private Messages!

Hi everyone, this is just a short and friendly reminder for all users of egl_comm_sales. As the title suggests: Please enable your private message function so we can get back to you when you PM us! Sometimes email notices for rejection of your sales post go straight to your spam folder, and enabling your PM helps us contact you to let you know why your post was rejected.

You can enable your Lj Private Message Function by going to the Profile tab, and clicking Edit Profile in the drop down menu.

Once you click Edit Profile, find where it says LJ User Messaging and select "Registered User" so that all LJ users, such as mods of communities can PM you!

This will help us immensely, and probably other people who might've been trying to contact you too. Thanks!
Tags: !mod post
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