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!DS Taking orders on Bunny Hoods

My feedback page: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/899361.html

Reserve your Bunny Hood 2.0 here!

The very much sought after bunny hoods are once again available! As fabric will be ordered according to the amount of reservations, the reservation time is quite long. The hoods will be delivered earlier than promised in my earlier blog posts and e-mail replies, a bit off season, but perhaps you can use them for Easter? ^__^

Important dates:
November 26th 2010 to February 28th 2011 – Reservation is open

November 26th 2010 to April 30th 2011 – Payment

March 30th to May 30th 2011 – Dispatch from Ergi

Item description:
The third generation bunny hood, made from high quality faux fur. Colour is naturally white, with pink twill inside the ears, pink synthetic lining and pink satin ribbon ties. Pile of the fur is slightly shorter than in the picture. (2cm on reserve item, 3,5cm in the picture) Wire inside the ears.

Price: SEK 560 (SEK 700 including VAT)

Payment & order priority:
Orders will ship in payment order. The faster you pay, the faster your bunny hood will ship!

Reservations not paid before April 30th will be cancelled and your item may be sold to another customer.
Payment is either by PayPal, by bank transfer or in cash if you would like to pick the item up at the Ergi studio.

Sweden: DHL Service Point (SEK 55, tracking)or pickup in Gothenburg

Europe: Choose between DHL Europack (SEK 250, tracking) and Airmail (SEK 100, no tracking)

Rest of the world: Choose between DHL Express (SEK 500, tracking) and Airmail (SEK 110)

Combined shipping with other items from here is available!

How to Reserve:
Copy the following form, fill in and e-mail to: info(at)ergi(dot)se

Write "Reservation" in the e-mail Subject.

Reserved item: Bunny Hood
Name: (Your full name here)
Address: (Full address including zip code, city, country etc.)
Payment method: (Please see "Payment & order priority")
Shipping method: (Please see "Shipping")

You will get a confirmation e-mail with payment instructions. ^__^ Thank you for reserving!
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