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Quick DS: 2-way Bunka Bears and Bunnies accessories

All items are handmade and may vary slightly.
Each bear or bunny is 8 USD plus shipping

I will be out of town from Wednesday December 1-6. So long as your paypal invoices are completed before TUESDAY 3:00 NOVEMBER 30th then I can still ship all your items that same day.  
Even after the due date you can still PM, visit my blog (at the bottom of this post) and comment, or continue to comment this post if you are interested and I will simply send the invoices after the 6th and probably ship them the next day.

Size comparison and back. Sorry about the image for the back side of the bear. I used one of my older bears, however for the newer sets they are still similar.


Snow White Bunka Bunnies: SOLD OUT

Each white Bunka bunny have lavender trims, a silver ribbon and a pink bow accent ontop.

Bubble Gum Blue and Strawberry Pink Bunka Bunny: 4 Pink 4 Blue Available

Each blue or pink Bunka bunny come with cream and gold trims wrapped with a gold bow. In addition a white bow is used as an accent on the head of the bunny.

Cream Honey Bears:  4 with lavender x silver colorway, 3 with cream x gold colorway

These are probably my favorite of all the sets. The bears are of a cream color and come in two special colorways. One has lavender trims with a silver bow, and the other has cream and gold trims with a gold ribbon bow. However, both bears also have pink bow accents on their heads.

I have opened a new blog with updates of my crafts and such. I will post info about updates of new items and commission openings.



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