Helter Stupid. (insecurelobster) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Helter Stupid.

WTB: Winter Sweet Lolita things, link to old sales

+120 on eglfeedback

I can pay immediately via non-CC paypal.

I'm looking for LONG SLEEVED cutsews, blouses, blazers, cardigans, and maybe a coat in RED, PINK, SAX BLUE or WHITE, under $100. Maybe mint, too. I am also looking for tights & socks in the same colors, around or under $25.

I don't want any items with short sleeves or front shirring. Please show me a photo if you have an item I might be interested in!

Older sales including BtSSB cutsew, Cute Plush t-shirt, bow print t-shirt, MaM Posion Pooch JSK, Dreaming Macaron Headbow in black, Pastel a la Mode Headdress in blue, offbrand print socks.

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !wtb
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