Lesley (evilcatsterer) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

!DS: Bodyline shoes and handmade items! - US ONLY!!

~ US only!
~ Paypal only!
~ No holds!
~ Items will be shipped by Friday, December 3rd (buyer will be notified when shipped)

Bodyline shoes:
Size 27, but inside (heel to toe) measures 28cm.
Shoes have never been worn, only tried on enough to discover that they're way too big.
These are $44 on the Bodyline website. As these are shipping to and from the US, I'd like to ask $45 shipped, but may be willing to negotiate. I'm not looking to trade at this time (though you may be able to persuade me with shoes about 1cm smaller if they're my style..).

**If you buy the shoes, I will offer free shipping on any jewelry from my Etsy shop (see link below).

Handmade items:

I just finished setting up my shop on Etsy, Catstered Creations. I have lots of jewelry usable for Lolita, as well as a couple of Lolita-themed wood burns. Please check out my shop!

More in my shop!

Please let me know if you have any questions!
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