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My Feedback

Paypal only, shipping is included for US customers. Ask me about international shipping.
No trades please.
I have a cat, dog, and ferrets. They don't get near my lolita items but the stray cat hair is a possibility.
First to inquire about an item has preference, but you must be quick to respond or I'll give it to first to post paypal info.
Must pay within 24 hours.
Holds only accepted with an agreement and deposit.
Earliest shipping will be Monday, latest Friday. If you need the item ASAP let me know.

If you don't like a price please make an offer. I'd rather accept a lower price than have to re-post.

Bodyline Pink Dot Dress $70 Shipped in US

With Flash
Bought used, like new condition except for where the bow get attached, the pin holes are larger (shown in picture) Not noticeable with bow. Very heavy dress, well made, comfortable. I love it but I just can't do pink. Fits a 30" waist and 32" bust, stretches past 40" bust

Bodyline Bunny Skirt $30 $28 Shipped in US

With Flash
26" waist un-stretched
I never wore this. The previous owner had taken the bottom blue gingham part off, I sewed it back on, you can't tell though. Perfect condition otherwise.

Meta Drawstring Backpack $16 $14 Shipped in US

Had a small rip at the bottom drawstring thing, sewed it up with matching thread, can't notice unless you're looking for it. A few small gray marks, not really noticeable.

Brown Bodyline Shoes $60 $55 Shipped in US

Size 26 which Bodyline says is U.S. size 8.5-9. I'm 8.5 but these were a tad to big so I figured I'd re-sell and try again. Brand new, only tried on.

Plastic Star Bracelets $5 Shipped in US

Handmade by me, they stretch and are closed by a crimp bead. Very secure closing. Designed for a 15cm bracelet, but does stretch. $3 each if bought with a larger item.
Stock count:
Black: 4
Colored: 8

Plastic Star Hair Clips 75 cents for two, $2 shipping for any amount.

The longest part (back part of clip) measures 2.7cm. I have 20 of each color (red, dark pink, light pink, green, blue).

If you don't like a price please make an offer. I'd rather accept a lower price than have to re-post.

Thanks for looking!
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