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DS: Angelic Pretty, Offbrand, Dear Celine, Tarina Tarantino

~I take paypal for payment. Fees are included in the item price.
~Shipping is not included in the price. I have provided a quote with the item price.
~I am not responsible for items once they leave my hands. Please purchase insurance if you are concerned.
~I am open to offers, but priority goes to whomever offers the asking price.
~Priority goes to whomever leaves their paypal and location first.
~I am not interested in trades at this time, thank you.
~Feedback is here:

Angelic Pretty Purse
Purchased here on the comm and used a few times by myself. It is still in excellent condition. I have cleaned it up so while there are some small signs of wear, it is clean and looks very nice. It also includes a strap so it can be worn like a pochette.

Price: $50 (Shipping US $8, International $32)

Dear Celine Petticoat ::sold::
Purchased new and worn twice over bloomers, it is in like new condition. It's just the wrong shape for the direction I'm going in.

Price: $30 (Shipping US $8, International $32)

Disney Sleeping Beauty Skirt
I made this from a kids jumper a few years ago but since I don't really wear skirts it has just been hanging in my closet. It is made of a nice, thick fabric with a satin and glitter tulle ruffle along the bottom. The waistband is a thick ribbon which also makes a bow at the waist with a crown shaped charm with a picture of Sleeping Beauty.
It will fit up to a 28 inch waist.
Pardon the wrinkles, it's been in the back of my closet for 2 years.

Price: $30 (Shipping US $8, International $32)

Handmade Sleeping Beauty Angelic Pretty Replica
This dress is made with screenprinted twill as a replica of Angelic Pretty's Sleeping Beauty series. The fabric was specially made for me by a friend. I made this dress but never wore it because it didn't fit me properly and I never got around to altering it.
It is fully serged and has a panel of back shirring. The bodice is lined. It would fit up to a 42 inch bust (possibly more, please ask if you're curious) and 32 inch waist. It does have a longer bodice so it is more flattering for western body types. It is 39 inches long from the top of the strap to the bottom of the ruffle.
Feel free to ask any other questions as to measurements or more pictures if you're interested.

Price: $60 (Shipping US $12, International $40)

Tarina Tarantino Queen Alice Pendant Necklace
Purchased new at Disneyland and worn once by me, but it's really similar to another necklace I have. This series was only available at Disney parks and Tarina Tarantino's shops. It has Swarovski crystals and would be great for any Alice themed lolita outfit!

Price: $60 (Shipping US $6, International $14)

I also have some items for sale here:
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