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DS: BL Skirt, F+F JSK, Offbrand Blouse and Top

A few quick things:

Paypal only please.

Shipping is not included. I'm sending from the UK and in padded envelopes, unless you request a box.

I have a feedback page ( ), however no egl feedback yet as I haven't sold here before. Please check out my ebay  or bookmooch for positive feedback.

Right, this little sheep is my proof:

FanPlusFriends Black and White Gingham JSK - 30.00£
Bust: max. 84 cm; waist : max. 78 cm.

I've bought it used, in a rather good condition and only worn it once. No major flaws, the lace still looks pretty good. The pictures don't do it justice, I will take some more. It has detachable waist bands.

Bodyline Sabina Pedicel Ash Waist Skirt  15.00£

Skirt Length: 66cm Waist: 64〜76cm

I've worn it once, but unfortunately it's a bit too large for me and looks odd. No major flaws.

Stock Picture:

Offbrand black Frilly Blouse 5.00£
Bust: max. 88 cm; waist: max 78 cm
Really cute, only worn once. Unfortunately not quite my thing.

Offbrand Frilly Top 5.00 £
Bust: max 90 cm, waist max 80 cm.
Worn a couple of times, the seams on the sides are coming a little bit undone, but can be easily fixed. It has some waist bands at the back.

Cameo Necklace 5.00£

Bought on Notting Hill Market, used in good condition. I don't wear it because it is a bit too long for my standards.  


Thanks for looking!
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