luckybug (dandelion_cloud) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

[WTB]: cardigans/boleros and other winter items, overknee socks

Hi there!

Winter in Austria is COLD, so I'm looking to buy some cute loliable winter stuff to keep myself toasty :)
I'd like to buy:

- cardigans
- boleros
- knits
- pullovers/hoodies

- everything else suitable for a cold winter, but I already have a coat, mittens and ear warmers. Everything else, show it to me!

Prefered colours/styles: I'm wearing classic with a touch of sweet, so please no super-sweet stuff and no pastel colours. I love white/off white and pom-poms, but I also like brown, grey, black, ivory/cream and red. A red cardigan or pullover would be especially amazing!!

For long-sleeved items please measure the sleeve length and tell it in your comment :)

my measurements:
bust 34"
waist 25"

I'm also looking for a nice pair of overknee socks to go with classic coords. Again, please no pastel colours, everything else is most welcome! If you have a nice pair of classic tights, I'll also look at that.

My feedback page:

Thanks in advance!
Tags: !wtb
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